Avoid Headaches This Holiday Season

Preventing headaches from ever starting is really best. Hydration can be directly related to headaches. To be sure that you are getting enough fluids, calculate how much water your body needs at rest – working at a desk, puttering around the house, reading and doing all of the other things you do throughout the day. This is your bare minimum water requirement – what your body needs to function. The basic equation for determining this is by dividing your body weight in half. If you weigh 200 pounds, you would need 100 ounces of water per day if you’re not doing anything strenuous. If you’re working out, hiking, at a high altitude or outdoors a great deal, you’re going to need to add to those 100 ounces.

Again prevention is key and stress is a big trigger for headaches. Be proactive in keeping your stress levels in check. Get informed about stress management – decreasing physiological and psychological stress levels. Try to start your day with a positive mantra, song, thought, prayer, image or anything that can keep you focused throughout the day. Breathing techniques to relax and clear your mind are very effective.

Be aware of your posture – especially when you are sitting at a desk all day or using a smartphone. When people have postural deviations, when their head starts to come forward from spending hours and hours at computers, that can change the alignment of the upper neck bones. And when they are out of alignment, they can irritate nerves in that area and that can cause headaches.

When someone is a migraine sufferer, there are specific upper cervical techniques that a chiropractor can use which work on realigning the vertebrae to not only get pressure off the nerves but to enhance blood flow.  Blood flow to the brain if restricted is a very powerful cause of migraine type headaches.

Contact Southside Chiropractic Clinic to help resolve headaches naturally and for long term. Enjoy the holiday season and be well!

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