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Today is Saturday, October 10, 2015

Shreveport Chiropractor – Southside Chiropractic Clinic

Serving our friends and neighbors in the Shreveport/ Bossier area for 36+ years!

Shreveport Chiropractor – Is Convenience Important To You?

Located just 1.5 miles West of the I-49 exit on Bert Kouns Industrial Loop, Southside Chiropractic Clinic is easily accessibile from any part of the Shreveport/Bossier area.

Is Availability Important To You?

Our regular office hours are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:00 to 12:00, and 2:00 to 6:00, and Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturdays by appointment. Walk-ins are always welcomed, but to insure that you will not have a wait, call ahead for an appointment.

Need an appointment today? | After hour emergency?

Call (318) 686-3152 and we’ll get you right in! When we leave the office we roll the phones over to our cell phone so that we are always available to our patients or anyone else who needs emergency assistance.

Shreveport Chiropractic Clinic

Never been to a Chiropractor before and need to ask some questions before committing to care?

That’s O.K.! We offer our prospective patients a complimentary consultation ($45 value)! So you can ask all the questions you need to make an informed desicion regarding if Chiropractic is an option you should consider.

New to the area and looking for a doctor, or looking to make a change in your health care provider?

We invite you to come in and view our facility, meet our staff and talk to the doctor before spending one cent! Ask all the questions you want! After all, you wouldn’t make a major purchase like buying a car or a home without first shopping around would you? Then why do we decide on our health care providers without first meeting them to determine if our personalities are compatible. Also, remember that when you choose a doctor, you are also choosing his staff as well! So you should also check out if the staff is friendly and helpful,…if the office is clean and up-to-date with the latest Chiropractic technology,…if the office is easily accessable, …if there is plenty of parking,…if the office hours suit your needs,…does the office over-book so you will have a long wait for each appointment,…is the doctor available for emergencies,…is he easy to talk to,…does he take the time for his patient’s when they have questions to ask?

Choosing a doctor is much more important that any decision you will ever make. Be sure about your choice of a doctor and check us out before making any commitments to your health! After all, it will only cost you your time, but choosing the wrong doctor could cost you more than that!!

Is Education Important To You?

Dr. Brigola graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida, which is a new campus of the Palmer College network. This campus offers the latest technology and chiropractic techniques the profession has to offer. Dr. Brigola is also a graduate of St. Joseph’s Seminary College in St. Benedict, LA.

Is Courteous Service By The Staff Important To You?

Dana and Lisa staff our front desk and keep the whole practice running smoothly. Do you have questions about our office policies? Are you concerned about your insurance coverage? Do you have financial concerns? Do you need assistance with filling out your insurance forms? We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you with any concerns you may have before you make your first appointment!

Is Privacy Important To You?

You will never be placed in a room with another patient at the Southside Chiropractic Clinic, or be separated from other patients by a flimsy curtain. All of our treatment and therapy rooms are totally enclosed and private. Each is climate controlled and equipped with low lighting and piped-in music for your comfort and relaxation.

Is Information Important To You?

At Southside Chiropractic Clinic you can request a no-obligation, complimentary consultation ($45 value) before committing to any care. The doctor will sit and discuss your case with you and if he feels that he can help you, he will explain all the procedures, risks, and alternatives to you so you can make an informed decision regarding your health care options. Then, if you feel comfortable with his recommendations, you can schedule an appointment for a complete examination and chiropractic work-up.

If your case may be better served by another physician, or if additional tests are required (blood chemistry, MRI, CAT Scan, etc.), the doctor will schedule these tests or make the referral for you. If necessary, he will also call your family physician to discuss his concerns regarding your complaint.

Is A Full Service Chiropractic Office Important To You?

The Southside Chiropractic Clinic is a modern, stand-alone office facility with plenty of private parking, located on the main thoroughfare running through South Shreveport. We utilize all of the latest technology that the Chiropractic profession has to offer: on-site X-ray facility, high voltage and interferential electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, cold laser therapy, distraction therapy, cervical and intersegmental traction therapy, neuromuscular reduction therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Heat and Cryotherapy, Exercise and Massage Therapy.

For those patients who are familar with Chiropractic care and prefer a particular adjusting technique, we utilized the following: Diversified, Gonstead, Cox Distraction, Thompson, Activator, and the Nimmo Receptor-Tonus Technique!

We also utilize both computer-assisted and casting evaluation for foot and lower leg pain, and offer “Foot Levelers” Orthotics [the leader in the industry]. We offer T.E.N.S. [Transcutaneous, Electrical, Nerve Stimulation] units for chronic pain management, and a full line of analgesic and massage creams, braces and supports to assist you through your acute stage.

We do nutritional, weight, exercise and aerobic counseling, and offer exercise classes in our on-site rehabilitation exercise room, utilizing the “Body Zone” system for core muscular evaluation and rehabilitation.

Is Availability Of A Licensed Massage Therapist Important To You?

An “on site,” licensed massage therapist is available for your convenience, utilizing a temperature controlled room with aroma therapy, low lighting and soft music for your complete relaxation.

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